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Small Hand Blown Glass on Teak Root


Small Hand Blown Glass on Teak Root

12 " reclaimed glass and wood vase. The vase is hand blown and then molten onto the wood root for a perfect fit.


Gorgeous filled with water and flowers, some can be used as terrariums or mini aquariums.


Each is one of a kind and individually made so no two are the same.


This piece stands 12" tall . The glass vase is 7" long at it's longest point and 9" wide. Base is 8".


The glass alone is over a quarter of an inch thick at the mouth. The opening is 2.5" wide.

Weighs almost 7 lbs.



Truly a STUNNING home decor piece. Also beautiful for weddings, restaurants..........anywhere!


The glass vase comes off for easy filling or cleaning and for shipping. Just place back on the root for a perfect fit.

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