Pirate's Ketch

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It is a labor intensive process starting with a copper sheet being molded into an item like a vase, bowl or a Kubla ornament. Copper wire strands are fused to the object creating an outline for the design. The cells formed by the wire pattern are hand painted with vitreous enamels. The object is then fired at high temperature turning enamel to glass. Plique Ajour is a fine arts enameling technique where by enamels are applied to a network of wire cells and then fired. There is no copper base and the work is therefore more tedious and delicate. The Silver Plated Enameling is rendered on a copper base but the object is first silver plated before enameling. The silver shines thru the translucent enamel creating a brilliant shine. Our exclusive line of butterfly ornaments and magnets are produced with this technique. Kubla?s newest enamel line is marketed as Bejeweled Enamel boxes and photo frames. Brilliant Austrian crystals embellish these items and they all comes gift boxed!


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